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A sign at the Moloka'i airport prepares you for what you're about to experience - "Slow Down, This is Moloka'i!" This is good advice as Moloka'i is truly 'Old Hawaii'. No traffic, no hustle or bustle, and no buldings taller than a coconut tree. Moloka'i is the least visited Hawaiian island.


With a limited population of about 8,100 including the highest percentage of native descendants in the state, and an almost complete lack of comercialization Molokai is about as Hawaiian as it gets. And a funny fact is that while Molokai sits directly between Oahu and Maui far more people fly over it than ever land on it. Too bad!


The main town of Kaunakakai defines "sleepy town." Ala Malama (main street) is only one block long with local eateries and shops. Sure visitors come to Moloka'i for tranquility and R&R, but plenty of adventurists come for the breathtaking scenery, the incredible activities ... and the tranquility.


In Moloka'i you can take in stunning waterfalls; kayak, snorkel and scuba dive miles of pristine barrier reefs; or sail or windsurf if you chose; golf or bike with breathtaking shoreline and ocean views; hike through the lush and beautiful Halawa Valley; ride horseback along gorgeous coastlines and across wild rangelands; deep-sea fish; and be simply awed by the world's tallest sea cliffs on Moloka'i's soaring North Shore.


Hawaiian sunsets always seem glorious and Molokai is no exception. For an amazing unobstructed Hawaiian sunset venture to West End Molokai to the pristine Papohaku Beach - as wide as a football field and an astonishing three (3) miles long. There are many other coves and beaches along this unpopulated coast. Jay will testify that he has never seen more stars at night than right here on West End Molokai. You can even see the lights of Oahu twinkling across the channel.


The island of Moloka’i, Hawaii is nearly four times long as it is wide. The eastern portion is rugged, verdant and largely inaccessible. To the west, the island is flatter and drier. On its north side, a national Historic Park surrounded by sea cliffs stretching more than 3,000 feet skyward. And to the south is the longest continuous fringing reef in Hawaii, measuring 28 miles. In fact Molokai's South Shore is as low and level as its North Shore is vertical. Within the reef wall the water is mirror-still and just a few feet in depth. While its not good for surfing obviously, it is excellent for kayaking.


The water between Maui, Moloka’i and Lana’i is referred to as the “bathtub.” The ocean currents moving through this protected channel and the fresh water streams that flow into it make this a favorite destination for the humpback whales, which make this area the most frequented in the state.


Due to its unique geography, Moloka’i has few beaches suitable for swimming. The ones that are, are among the best in the state. The only footsteps you might see in the golden sands on the pristine three mile-long Papohaku Beach are probably yours. Be careful during the winter months, the winds can make it quite cold for swimming.


Molokai is about simple pleasures - natural pleasures. For example, around 10pm each evening locals line up at outside Kanemitsu Bakery for tasty goodies fresh out of the oven. The relaxing pace is aided by having only one stop light on island. Natural is picking up a pound of home grown beans at the Coffees of Hawaii Plantation, or a plump bag of treats from Purdy's All-Natural Macadamia Nut Farm. We know a local guide who can take you to the nearly inaccessible - little seen - Kahiwa Falls, which cascades 1,750 feet into the Pacific Ocean.


ULTIMATE CRUISE & VACATION has agents with Certification as Molokai Destination Specialist. Not many can say that. When you are ready to get off the beaten path and explore old Hawaii, as in Molokai, contact us to insure you enjoy the ultimate Molokai experience. We love showing Molokai off!

Kalaupapa National Historic Park

This gorgeous and isolated peninsula is accessible only by a tiny airport or by descending 1,600 feet. You can ride mules or hike down along a four mile trail with 26 switchbacks. Kalaupapa was made famous by Father Damien, the Belgium priest who devoted his life to patients suffering from Hansen’s disease.


Ocean Kayak

Paddling along the island’s stunning North Shore is a phenomenal experience. Discover secret beaches, exotic vegetation, wildlife and towering sea cliffs along coastline that is inaccessible by land.


Plus: Snorkel, Deep-Sea Fish, Scuba Dive, Whale Watch, Hike and Mountain Bike

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